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AcaStat Mac 8.3.9

AcaStat Mac 8.3.9: Inexpensive and easy-to-use statistical tool. Academic pricing. Mac and Windows. statistics, basic significance tests, and summary reports. Ideal for those who need a low-cost alternative for producing basic summary statistics at school or work. Create data files or import from spreadsheets or statistical software. Practice data files. Integrated update module. Available in Mac and Windows. Printable manuals include a Student Workbook with over 20 lessons, an Applied Statistics Handbook, and an AcaStat User Manual. Analyze raw

Lotto007 Prediction Expert 2008 Use Lotto007 Prediction Expert can help you prediction next drawings.
Lotto007 Prediction Expert 2008

Lotto007 Prediction Expert can help you predictions next drawings. Analyze previous drawings, predictions next drawings. It is not random, use Lotto007 Prediction Expert, with minimum of put into and acquire biggest repay. Warning: Software this can only as reference, the risk is taken on by oneself! Lotto007 Prediction Expert works with all pick 4, 5, 6 or 7 lotteries , edit drawings, and you can Import from Txt file and Export drawings to Txt file

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Lotto Pyramid 3.0

The pyramid method based on the unique dynamic pyramid figure,is the sapiential result of many specialists especially under the guidance of Mr Zhouxiao,as a wisdom says that :`water is no fixed shape and there is not stable situation in the war`.the common static graphics can`t adapt to the changes of wheeling numbers.the pyramid is designed to work with you to capture the trendline of the winning nubmers in a free way.

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Lotto Creo Professional 5.0

Lotto Creo Pro is a powerful analyzing lottery software that selects the winning numbers. Software has a full and abbreviated wheeling system with filters, graph... Filters eliminate tickets with combinations of numbers that are less likely to be drawn, thus reducing your cost to play. Any player that is successful uses a wheeling system, but the wheeling system with Lotto Creo Pro filters represents the most intelligent way to win! The lotto program

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Winning Lotto Numbers 1.462: Winning Lotto Numbers Toolbar. This is for your internet explorer browser.
Winning Lotto Numbers 1.462

Winning Lotto Numbers Toolbar. This is for your internet explorer browser. It has a 80`s radio station included. You can use this while you search for lucky lotto numbers. Visit our website for the most winning lotto numbers.

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Active Wall Traffic Monitor 4.0: Free traffic monitor software for LAN, monitor 1,000 computers at the same time.
Active Wall Traffic Monitor 4.0

Active Wall Traffic Monitor is a free real time network traffic monitor software for LAN. It can monitor 1,000 computers at the same time. It displays IP address, MAC address, computer name, send/receive speed, send/receive packets, send/receive bytes of each computer and provides net flow, protocol statistics, connection track for entire network. It can export daily traffic statistics and protocol statistics automatically.

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RCounter 2.0: RCounter v2.0 - a free web-statistics tool for your site
RCounter 2.0

statistics (hits, hosts totally and by dates, unique IP-addresses, "where from" statistics); - support of statistics on separate pages of a large/complex-structured site; - calendar statistics - possibility to see distribution of web site attendance by time and by pages simultaneously (two-dimensional statistical report); - access to statistics (review) through Internet; - set-up of the RCounter system through Internet (Web-access); storage of site

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